How to Analyze GMAT Quant Questions Properly PART II

CONSISTENTLY ASK YOURSELF: “Am I spinning my wheels?” Remember, that means doing things that won’t get you to the answer any faster. Are you calculating something that won’t yield one of the five answer choices? That’s not to say that the GMAT is giving you wrong information, but rather that the answer choices restrict your … Read More

Simple GMAT Fractions Trick for Dividing by 9s (Video!)

Here’s a simple GMAT Fractions trick that will help you out when you see a situation where you have to divide by 9 or 99 or 999, etc. It’s actually a really neat little trick and you’ll see it quite often in questions such as this one: Here is a quick tip for you, you … Read More

How to Analyze GMAT Quant Questions PROPERLY

Arithmetic–or calculation for calculation’s sake–is a waste of time on GMAT Quant Questions. ​ There–I said it. Allow me to add a premise to my argument: insecurity plays a huge role in GMAT Quant Questions. Chew on that for a moment, and let this sink in: Already the human computer is widely displaced by mechanical … Read More