GMAT Probability: Number of Distributions x Probability per Distribution

GMAT Probability and Number of Distributions x Probability per Distribution The Independent Probability Case for GMAT Probability Now, let’s go back to the example from the previous page, which we can rephrase as this:If a coin is flipped five times, what is the Probability that it will land on Heads only once?That gives us a … Read More

How to Analyze GMAT Quant Questions Properly PART II

CONSISTENTLY ASK YOURSELF: “Am I spinning my wheels?” Remember, that means doing things that won’t get you to the answer any faster. Are you calculating something that won’t yield one of the five answer choices? That’s not to say that the GMAT is giving you wrong information, but rather that the answer choices restrict your … Read More

How to Analyze GMAT Quant Questions PROPERLY

Arithmetic–or calculation for calculation’s sake–is a waste of time on GMAT Quant Questions. ​ There–I said it. Allow me to add a premise to my argument: insecurity plays a huge role in GMAT Quant Questions. Chew on that for a moment, and let this sink in: Already the human computer is widely displaced by mechanical … Read More

The Ultimate Guide to GMAT Mixtures Questions — what fraction of this year’s graduating students at a certain college are males and more!

The Ultimate Guide to GMAT Mixtures Questions The beauty of Mixtures questions is that they are relatively simple once we get a couple of simple concepts straight. One nice thing about Mixture questions is that they are best learned through example, so let’s jump right in.  Let’s take a hypothetical case where we have a … Read More

I Hate the GMAT Part II: Frustration and Shame

I hate the GMAT because it is built to be frustrating. (Among other reasons, of course!) Start with contempt. If you get frustrated enough, the GMAT wins. While it’s nice to really enjoy something and pursue everything “for the love,” let’s be honest–that’s bullshit.  At least at the beginning. Let’s start with a little story… … Read More

GMAT Grammar Tips for Sentence Correction: What are They?

GMAT Grammar is an odd concept. I mean, how could it possibly be different from normal English grammar?  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! The problem, then, becomes one of how one defines “normal English grammar.” The problem is that there’s not really one particular type or book of grammar that is actually consistent in every variant of English. Do … Read More

Move Your GMAT Score from the 600s to the 700s.

If your GMAT Score is stuck in the 600s, there’s probably a good reason. And that reason is technique. What is it that the 700+ scorers do that’s so different? One key thing is that they don’t waste time on unnecessary Arithmetic. Rather, knowing the multiplication tables and fraction-decimal equivalents cold plus understanding quick ways … Read More