GMAT Probability: Number of Distributions x Probability per Distribution

GMAT Probability and Number of Distributions x Probability per Distribution The Independent Probability Case for GMAT Probability Now, let’s go back to the example from the previous page, which we can rephrase as this:If a coin is flipped five times, what is the Probability that it will land on Heads only once?That gives us a … Read More

GMAT Combinatorics: Simple Guide to GMAT Permutations and Combinations

Introduction At the risk of blowing all the secrets too early, let’s do this at the beginning. If you can answer three Core Questions, you’ll be able to answer any Combinatorics question that the GMAT decides to throw at you. Here they are: How Many Spaces? How Many Choices? Does Order Matter? Figuring out the … Read More

The Basic GMAT Probability Equations — A Short Guide

The Basic GMAT Probability Equations First, we need to establish some sort of general definition for the term Probability itself. You’ll most often hear Probability defined as some variant of: desired outcomes / total outcomes First things first: Probability is always a fraction, which, of course, could also be a percent (because these two statements, … Read More

Independent vs. Dependent in GMAT Probability — the Difference.

Independent vs. Dependent Probability in GMAT Probability Questions — What is the Difference? It would be really easy to dive into a thoroughly flummoxing explanation of the difference between Independent and Dependent Probabilities, but I’ll spare you that. In other words, a technical proof of this is somewhat mind-bending, so we’ll leave it here with … Read More