The Ultimate Guide to GMAT Geometry III: Trapezoids, Rectangles, Squares

The Ultimate Guide to GMAT Geometry, Part III: Trapezoids, Rectangles, and Squares Chapter 8: Trapezoids (Trapeziums (Trapeziae?)) in GMAT Geometry If you were paying attention to the footnotes, then you’d recognize this as the extra credit answer.  In essence, a trapezoid is sort of a dodgy parallelogram, where only two of the opposite sides got … Read More

A GMAT Geometry Question with NO CALCULATION?!?

How can you solve a GMAT Geometry question with no calculation? Simple: find one that’s based on spatial awareness. It’s just drawing loads and loads of pictures and you’ll get your answer! In this particular Geometry question, we see that you couldn’t really calculate even if you wanted to. Instead, this question requires two things: … Read More