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You know you can do better on the GMAT. I can show you how.

The B-school process is a long road, but with good help it doesn’t have to be as long as you might expect.

The gap between your current score and your target score might seem like too much, but I can help you close that gap.

Present the score you’re capable of.

Not in London? Learn GMAT from ANYWHERE–all classes available online!

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Hi Rowan, just wanted to say thanks for all the time and help over the GMAT journey! Sat it again this morning and got 750 (47/47) so I’m really very happy indeed! –Lorian P, 2021

Thanks my man Verbal for the win (730). –Jaron W, 2021

Got this news this afternoon (Kellogg)!! Thank you so much for everything. Couldn’t have done it without all your support. Your notes got me through studying. Thank you heaps! –Michelle M, 2021

Rowan has been a real ally whilst applying for business school. Self-study is difficult as you can constantly second guess how you should be approaching the test. Rowan instituted systematic methods for both Quant and Verbal which gave me the security and confidence to get a 740 and a £22,000 scholarship to boot. He has also become a friend in the process.  Thanks Rowan! —Josh C, 2020

I cannot recommend Rowan highly enough. Over the course of the last 5 weeks, with his help I was able to go from 640 on my first attempt to 720. I owe this almost entirely to Rowan’s abilities as a tutor. He has a firm handle on the content of the test and, maybe more importantly, is able to articulate the problem-solving skills required to tackle GMAT questions. —Fraser B

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Private GMAT Tutor London — Tutoring Options — GMAT Tutor in London

Hourly Tutoring

The simple, no-nonsense option. GMAT tutor in London or online by the hour. Learn the topics you need to master, work with me to find the weak points in your prep, fix them, and boost your score.

This is the perfect option to provide flexibility if you don’t know how many hours you need or have just a short window before the exam.

Price: £110/hr

10-Hour Tutoring Package

Save 10%! In ten hours of one-to-one training with me, you will define target areas in your GMAT preparation to increase your score as rapidly as possible. Includes personalized support, diagnostics, and access to hundreds of pages of our proprietary GMAT guides as well as access to our Video Masterclasses.

Price: £990

One-to-One Intensive

Do you need to increase the effectiveness of your tutoring in a minimum amount of time? The Personal Intensive Program is for you. Rowan will meet for five days (six hours class per day plus homework assignments) to turbocharge your GMAT skills at lightning speed. Thirty hours of class over a 5-day period plus after-hours support.

Price on Asking

Download My Latest Guide

700+ GMAT Arithmetic Shortcuts (with 8 videos!)

Is your GMAT score stalling out in the 600s? Not sure how to go beyond?

Knowing the topics isn’t everything; this is almost certainly an issue of technique.

One of the most important GMAT techniques is never to do more calculation than necessary–this guide will show you how and when it’s safe to ditch the Arithmetic.

Learn to be your own GMAT tutor with this and other free guides!

700+ GMAT Arithmetic Shortcuts: FREE 8-Video Course


There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this is a lifechanging outcome and I will be forever grateful to you not just for your support to me, faith in my ability but also for the work that you do giving less gifted people a hope in hell at getting through the GMAT.

– Ollie M, 2019

So good news–got a 720. Still in shock to be honest. Didn’t think it was possible given my last score. Thanks again for all your help.

– David F, 2020

Looking to maximize your GMAT score in a minimum of time?

Rowan Hand — GMAT Tutor in London (and GMAT Tutor Online!)

  • Is GMAT tutoring really necessary? Some people are fine to go it on their own, but it can be quite difficult to understand how much time and effort are most effective for your study–hours per day, weeks, months, etc.
  • It’s difficult to rely on the conflicting information online. Having someone to discuss this with–as well as a place to discuss your expectations, fears, and of course GMAT content–can be the answer.
  • Quality of GMAT tutoring matters. As a full-time London GMAT tutor, I am committed to working in the exam space. When not tutoring, I write and develop my own GMAT materials and work as a consultant editor for other test prep companies.
  • The clear, efficient explanation always wins. Success is a balance of timing, understanding of the topic, and ability to move forward when no explanation is in sight. I can help you manage the competing demands of this difficult exam.
  • No agency overhead. At Private GMAT Tutor London, by eliminating expensive offices, overeager sales teams, and ridiculous marketing materials, I can charge significantly less than big-box tutoring companies.
  • GMAT Tutoring Online is now the industry standard, but in addition to online GMAT tutoring I offer GMAT tutoring in London and Cambridge.

As with any professional, a second opinion is always useful. I’ve been in this business for a while, so I know some good people. Contact me for a list of trusted GMAT tutors in London and online.

Admissions Consulting with Sam Weeks

Since you’re reading this, you’re likely already on your way to a top B-school. I am proud to recommend admissions consultant Sam Weeks as a trusted partner in that process.

Sam Weeks Consulting was featured in 2021’s Financial Time Global MBA Ranking.

During the 2020-21 MBA year, 18 clients out of 20 were admitted to target schools: these include Wharton, Kellogg, Columbia, and the coveted Harvard Business School.

Furthermore, 35% of Sam’s clients were able to secure scholarships at their chosen schools.

Learn more here or contact Sam directly at

Different ways that I can help with your GMAT Tutoring process–it’s not only lessons!

GMAT Tutor London Prices

Private GMAT Tutoring London and Online

GMAT preparation is a long process, but with the right help it doesn’t have to take as long as you might expect.

GMAT tutoring in London and Online is available can help you close the gap–even if it seems insurmountable–between your current score and your target score. Tutoring is available either hourly à la carte or in convenient ten-hour packages.

The ten-hour mark is what I’ve found to be the most effective number to get you studying on your own. There’s a reason it’s the most popular option.

Private tutoring is an excellent option for GMAT tuition in London or online. Different people struggle in different ways, but we can create a bespoke plan to suit your individual situation, needs, and learning style.

Like to work on your own? All the better. The highest scorers tend to be quite independent, but it’s always useful to have a second opinion or help with some of the thornier GMAT questions.

Maybe it’s just having the accountability to get that work done in the first place. No judgment; we’ve all been there. Don’t worry, I give lots of homework!

My Free GMAT Videos are a great way to get an impression of what I have to offer as a tutor.

Sometimes there’s just no substitute for seeing it done.

Let my YouTube channel be your GMAT tutor online!

You can read all kinds of theory and still get nowhere. Watch me do solve Official GMAT questions in real time, with full commentary, on my YouTube channel (link).

Videos discussing all sorts of Quant and Verbal questions, sticking to Official Guide questions so that you know you’re getting the real deal.

While you’re there, check out the classic One-Minute GMAT Lessons as well! You’ll never know how many points you can gain in such little time!

Free Videos on my YouTube Channel /gmatcoach

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My GMAT Books and Videos

If the free stuff isn’t enough for you, check out these in-depth guides addressing different GMAT topics such as Probability, Permutations and Combinations, and GMAT Grammar.

You don’t have to be in looking for GMAT tutoring in London–or even take classes with me–to get the benefit of my experience.

The Guides and Videos are designed to give you GMAT-specific knowledge that is at once accessible and detailed enough to appeal even to 700-scorers.

GMAT books and videos


  • Why work with GMAT Tutor? Hey, you’re the one who’s reading this site! Seriously, though, it’s to make sure that you’re studying as effectively and as efficiently as possible. I can provide support in terms of advice, materials, and even out-of-hours help if you really get stuck. Also needing to turn in homework is a great motivator…
  • Where is London GMAT Tutoring Based? GMAT tutoring in London will generally be in the British Library or Barbican Centre; I am also available to travel in Zones 1-2.
  • Can I do Lessons Online? Absolutely; I’ve been doing online GMAT lessons online since 2013 (long before COVID made it cool). I use a computer-based whiteboard system and digital versions of the Official Guides so that you won’t miss a beat. If you have your own tablet, you can write on the screen, too!
  • Can I mix GMAT Tutoring Online and in London? You most certainly can: many clients have a busy schedule and traveling to GMAT tutoring is a luxury that sometimes is unaffordable. That’s why GMAT tutor London hours or GMAT tutor online hours are perfectly interchangeable. We can discuss circumstances and organize lesson-by-lesson.
  • How Much Does It Cost? £110/hr by the hour or £990/10 hrs. Over 10 hours PoA.
  • How do I Find a GMAT Tutor? Simple. The contact form is here.

Frequently Asked Questions about Private GMAT Tutoring

Category: GMAT FAQs

Absolutely; I’ve been doing online GMAT lessons since 2013 (long before COVID made it cool). I use a computer-based whiteboard system and digital versions of the Official Guides so that you won’t miss a beat. If you have your own tablet, you can write on the screen, too!

Category: GMAT FAQs

Simple. Click “CONTACT” at the top or bottom of this page. If you’re looking for other GMAT Tutors in London or online, I am happy to give you a list of recommended colleagues within the GMAT space. Everyone has different requirements and everyone gels better with different people, so it’s important that you find a tutor whom you’re able to work well with. I firmly support speaking to several GMAT tutors to see who’s the best fit for you.

Category: GMAT FAQs

£110/hr by the hour or £990/10 hrs. Over 10 hours PoA. You can also find more information about the cost of GMAT tutoring at this link. The cost of a private GMAT tutor comes with the convenience of having your own needs met and tailored to. This is particularly important if you’re a high-scorer, because many of the big box companies are primarily trying to sell group courses. Think about it: 80+ percent of the people fall within the 450-650x band and they only pay the tutor once to teach a whole classfull of people. What benefit is it to do sales and admin for an advanced GMAT course when all the money is in the middle? That’s precisely why high scorers often benefit more from private GMAT tutoring than from group courses. NB: I’ll post on the site if I’m running an Advanced GMAT group course.

Learn more about me here: London GMAT Tutor Rowan Hand

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