Amounts of Money: Singular or Plural in GMAT Sentence Correction?

Are amounts of money singular or plural in GMAT Sentence Correction?

Short answer: BOTH.

Seems like this might be tricky, but it actually won’t matter and depends on context.

That is, do you say “two-hundred dollars IS on the table” or “two-hundred dollars ARE on the table?” It will really depend whether you want to discuss a lump sum of two-hundred dollars or indicate more that you’re talking about, for example, single dollar bills.

If you want to emphasize a smaller amount of money–making it seem larger, perhaps–then you’ll often see the ARE. GMAT Sentence Correction is known to use statements such as “seven dollars ARE saved” as you’ll find in one of the Diagnostic Exam questions at the beginning of all the OGs.

As always, be careful and read the context. Don’t eliminate on this basis!

Remember that both work!

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