Different ways I can help your B-school process move forward

It’s not all tutoring, but that’s always an option. If you’re more do-it-yourself, I can offer plenty of options to help you study.

This includes free videos on YouTube and books and video courses available to purchase at Podia.

See what’s on offer below.

GMAT Tutoring

GMAT Tutoring available by the hour or in convenient ten-hour packages.

Why ten hours? That’s a good amount to get a head start and begin studying on your own. It’s also the most popular option.

Everyone is different, however, and we can tailor a plan directly to your needs. Some like to work on their own a lot and might even need fewer hours; some like the accountability.

Some really just need some hands-on assistance.

Wherever you find yourself, we can work it out with a tutoring approach unique to you.

YouTube Channel

Sometimes there is no substitute for watching the problem get solved.

Read all you like, but occasionally the text on the page simply pales in comparison to a real live demonstration.

Learn with solutions to Official GMAT questions and also the classic One-Minute GMAT Tips videos at my YouTube channel.

Books and Videos

Can’t get enough from the free materials? There’s more where that came from.

Check out books such as the Amazon #1 bestsellers Last Minute GMAT Grammar, How to Beat GMAT Advanced Arithmetic, and How to Beat GMAT Work and Rates Problems.

You’ll also find newer books such as the GMAT Probability Guide and the GMAT Permutations and Combinations guide.

If you want more video support, you can try the video course version of Last Minute GMAT Grammar and the video-only GMAT Algebra Masterclass.