Prices — GMAT Tutor London and Online

Prices — GMAT Tutor London and Online

Hourly Lessons — à la carte — £110 (~$150) per hour

This is the simplest and easiest option. You do the lessons by the hour, we discuss materials that you’ll need and I’ll give you the necessary ones and that’s it. Remember that a session is usually two hours.

Ten-Hour Package — £990 (~$1350)

Hey, look at that: it’s a 10% discount! You get ten hours of one-to-one training with me (that’s five two-hour sessions). During this time, we will work together to figure out where you need to target your GMAT prep to raise that score in the quickest way that we can. The good thing about the ten-hour option is that it is also a sufficient number of hours for most people to learn to study on their own. There’s a reason that it’s the most popular option!

This includes out-of-hours support, a full set of diagnostics, and access my large library of proprietary GMAT Guides and Video Masterclasses.

One-to-One Intensive — PoA

If you’re stuck for time and you need to do a lot of work in a week, then the Personal Intensive Program is for you. I’ll meet with your for five days, spreading 30 hours of class over the time plus homework assignments. This will get your score as high as possible as quickly as we can.

After-hours support, Guides, and Videos all included plus coaching through the test experience and a debrief after.

Let’s speak and discuss what would be the best option for your particular situation.

You might not need as many hours as you think! It’s always worth discussing your situation in more detail because the solution is often simpler and more economical than it might seem on the surface.

With a time-tested system of initial diagnostics, provided gratis before we start classes, we can determine a best course of action and get you into the track that suits your needs the best while adapting to your particular skills and areas of struggle.

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