Best Practices for Breaking GMAT Reading Comprehension Answer Choices

How to tell whether a GMAT Reading Comprehension answer fits: turn it into a question!

It’s a really simple way to see whether this GMAT RC answer fits. Make it a question, then see whether you can answer this SPECIFIC question before you can comfortably select an answer:

  • HOW specifically does this happen?
  • WHO specifically is doing it?
  • WHAT specifically is being referred to?
  • WHERE specifically is it happening?
  • WHEN specifically did it happen / is it happening? (this isn’t particularly common, but you get the idea)
  • WHY specifically did something happen? (be careful on this one–you don’t want to start making shit up here that isn’t literally stated in the passage)

So take an example case such as this one:

“The modernization went significantly beyond maintenance routines…”

In a case like this, you would ask…

  • WHAT specifically was the modernization?
  • HOW specifically did it go significantly beyond maintenance routines?

The correct answer choice in GMAT Reading Comprehension questions will of course be one that gives us information that is CLEARLY AVAILABLE in the passage.

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“Use who/what/where/when/how/why to clarify your reasoning in GMAT Reading Comprehension.”

– Me


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