“different from” in GMAT Sentence Correction Questions

GMAT Sentence Correction idioms are a pain, I know.

Most of the time, they aren’t even consistent, so I don’t actually recommend trying to memorize some sort of long list of them. A huge number of them are really just a waste of time because the GMAT Sentence Correction writers will simply come up with some way to subvert the idiom you just learned.

But today, that is different: I found an easy one for you!

The idiom is “different from.” It’s always “different from” on the GMAT–and in life as well, apparently, but let’s stick to Sentence Correction

You might like to say “different than” if you’re American or Canadian or “different to” if you’re basically any other sort of English speaker.

Guess what? Those are wrong.

Even Cambridge says that “different to” is used “especially when speaking,” which, of course, is a nice British way to say WRONG.

You probably get the idea here, but there’s a video too!

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You’re ready for this. It’s “different from” today and forever.

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