Move Your GMAT Score from the 600s to the 700s.

If your GMAT Score is stuck in the 600s, there’s probably a good reason.

And that reason is technique.

What is it that the 700+ scorers do that’s so different?

One key thing is that they don’t waste time on unnecessary Arithmetic.

Rather, knowing the multiplication tables and fraction-decimal equivalents cold plus understanding quick ways to estimate based on the answer choices, the top scorers know a bunch of shortcuts that–while they do dramatically shorten calculation–don’t reduce accuracy.

Increasing your GMAT Score is about cutting corners RESPONSIBLY.

How do you know what’s responsible and what’s not? How to estimate properly and when you’re off-track? A lot of that depends on the structure of both the questions and the answer choices. What I’d suggest is to read more in the guide I’m offering here.

It’s FREE, yo. Why not?

Here’s what you get for that excellent price: four GMAT-specific techniques used by the test’s writers to make the questions on one hand confusing–but on the other hand easily solved–complete with eight video demonstrations to back up the theory.

Soon you will be able to recognize these patterns and formulas. Then you can easily break down the questions and even figure out how they were originally built–what the CORE CONCEPT is–the secret weapon of 700+ scorers–to hit that 700+ score.

This will give you a tremendous benefit not only in time saved, but even more, a window into how the testwriters think.

You’ll need every tool at your disposal to break into the 700s. This guide gives you four more (plus a bonus chapter):

700+ GMAT Arithmetic Shortcuts: FREE 8-Video Course

Remember, your target GMAT score is possible: you just need to work smart as well as work hard!

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