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“different from” in GMAT Sentence Correction Questions

GMAT Sentence Correction idioms are a pain, I know. Most of the time, they aren’t even consistent, so I don’t actually recommend trying to memorize some sort of long list of them. A huge number of them are really just a waste of time because the GMAT Sentence Correction writers will simply come up with … Read More

GMAT Critical Reasoning Necessary vs. Sufficient — Does It Matter?

GMAT Critical Reasoning Necessary vs. Sufficient — Can the Distinction Help You? Let’s start with a quick definition of what an “Assumption” is. If you’re from Midwestern America, like me, I’m sure you know that “to assume makes an ass out of U and ME.” You could say that on some level the GMAT feels the … Read More

RELATIVE PRIMES in GMAT Properties of Numbers

WTF are Relative Primes in GMAT Properties of Numbers? Learn more here… This is a slightly different approach from a normal video for me. This isn’t actually the solution to an Official Question as I normally do. This discusses a particular topic within Properties: Relative Primes. In a technical sense, the term “Relative Primes” means … Read More

Best Practices for Breaking GMAT Reading Comprehension Answer Choices

How to tell whether a GMAT Reading Comprehension answer fits: turn it into a question! It’s a really simple way to see whether this GMAT RC answer fits. Make it a question, then see whether you can answer this SPECIFIC question before you can comfortably select an answer: HOW specifically does this happen? WHO specifically … Read More